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transmission-remote-java A µTorrent like cross platform remote control for the Transmission BitTorrent client (transmission-daemon) transmission-remote-java is a cross platform remote client to the RPC interface of transmission-daemon, which is part of the Transmission BitTorrent client.




Dmitry aka dmvstar (at) gmail (dot) com.

Hosted on

SourceForge team
Google code


  • Supports all or almost all the remote functionality of Transmission.
  • Optional add .torrent prompt to choose wanted files and priorities, set destination directory and peer limit.
  • Start, stop, remove, delete,recheck, move torrents.
  • Filtering and sorting.
  • Show torrent file metainfo (avilable also as external tools).
  • Authentication support.
  • Proxy support.
  • Country of peers displayed by text and flag using GeoIP.
  • Multiple settings profiles.
  • Backwards compatible with older versions of Transmission.
  • More!


Code get from Sourceforge
Code get from Google code

Licensed under

GNU General Public License v3.

Thanks to

transmission-remote-java was made possible by:
GNU GPL, Java, Netbeans, Swing Application Framework , transmission, transmission-remote-dotnet, Json-lib, rTorrent, Apache Ant, Redstone XMLRPC, JCraft Jsch,
Gimp, Tango Desktop Project, Java Plugin Framework, Launch4j

~Thanks for All!